Guarantee of Value For our Clients

If, in the sole opinion of our client SVN Realty Advisors has not provided value, in terms of time, money and qualitative issues, in excess of the cost of services, SVN Realty Advisors will pay our client all or a portion of the Fees collect for that assignment as a result of this Agreement. Such fee repayment is at the discretion of our client, provided that the client gives written notice of such determination to SVN Realty Advisors prior to or simultaneously with full execution of the Lease or Sale documents by the parties involved.

If our client elects to exercise this right to reduce SVN Realty Advisors fee, client agrees to identify the amount of the Fee reduction and to provide SVN Realty Advisors with a written summary of the clients reason for such a fee reduction. If this would ever occur our client will also provide SVN Realty Advisors with an opportunity to meet so that SVN Realty Advisors may understand and address any service issues that may have caused our client to exercise this right

SVN Realty Advisors embraces our client’s full satisfaction of our services and looks forward to creating value with their clients.